Skullcano Veteran Dungeon Guide

Skullcano is a Wildstar dungeon intended for level 35 characters.
The dungeon serves as the Redmoon’s base of operations, a powerful “gang” in Planet Nexus that enjoys terrorizing Lopp

Location & Entrance

Skullcano is located west of the Wigwali Village in Whitevale.
Find the Hover Boat on the river to travel to Skullcano.


Skullcano : Stew-Shaman Tugga

Skullcano : Thunderfoot

Thunderfoot is the first boss of Skullcano.

Skullcano : Molten Cavern/Lava Field Guide

Skullcano : Bosun Octog

Bosun Octog is the second boss of Skullcano.

Skullcano : Quartermaster Gruh

Quartermaster Gruh is the second optionnal boss of Skullcano.

Skullcano : Mordechai Redmoon

Mordechai Redmoon is the final boss of Skullcano.