WildStar Raids

Welcome back to the Hardcore

It’s time crank up your carnage to level infinity in 20 and 40-man raids !
Experience the most epic content on planet Nexus, with dynamically changing environments and hardcore boss mechanics.
Think you’re ready ? Better be sure.

Raid List

  • The Genetic Archive, level 50 for 20 players
  • The Datascape, level 50 for 40 players

World Boss List

  • Metal Maw, level 11 in Deradune, grant the title “The Biped Butche
  • Hoarding Stemdragon, level 11 in Ellevar, grant the title “The Weed Killer
  • Grendelus the Guardian, level 11 in Celestion, grant the title “The Giant Slayer
  • Kraggar the Earth-Render, level 11 in Algoroc, grant the title “The Rock Climber
  • King Honeygrave, level 19 in Auroria, grant the title “King Slayer
  • Doomthorn the Ancient, level 22 in Galeras, grant the title “Doomfeller
  • Metal Maw Prime in Whitevale
  • Defensive Protocol Unit in Farside, grant the title “The Defiant
  • Hellroese Bowl Bosses in Malgrave, grant the title “The Unburnable
  • Gorgegut the Necrotic in Grimvault, grant the title “Gut Gouger