WildStar Adventures

Virtually Fatal Reality

Imagine virtual simulations generated by a psychopathic Eldan AI, each with unique story elements, gameplay mechanics, and objectives. The environments might be simulated, but the phat loot is real !

Adventures are repeatable instanced zones requiring a group of five to accomplish objectives.
Veteran mode is for level 50 characters and add improved difficulty in trashs & bosses fights.
Adventures feature a tons of lore and gameplay variants.

Adventures List, Normal Mode

  • Riot in the Void, level 15, Dominion only
  • Hycrest Insurrection, level 15, Exile only
  • War of the Wilds, level 25
  • The Siege of Tempest Refuge, level 30
  • Crimelords of Whitevale, level 40
  • The Malgrave Trail, level 45

Adventures List, Veteran Mode

  • War of the Wilds
  • The Siege of Tempest Refuge
  • Crimelords of Whitevale
  • The Malgrave Trail