Shiphand : Rage Logic Veteran Guide

Rage Logic is the fourth shiphand mission you will encounter in WildStar.
It is available for both factions, Exile and Dominion at level 25.

Shiphand : Rage Logic Location

Find Captain Switch in Whitevale near the Protostar Junction to start this shiphand.
The Freebots are assaulting a mining facility on Asteroid DU-23 in an attempt to stop the spread of a computer virus called Rage Logic.

Shiphand : Rage Logic, Normal Mode

Start by choosing an hoverbike, they only differ in appearance, each one got the same set of skills.
The first two skills are important :

  • Ramming Shield : Allows you to ram the enemies and inflict massive damage
  • Canon : Pretty useful for the Ragebot Scanners and everything surviving your Ramming Shield.

Then, ram everything, use ramps and speed to get a little fun. After every task is done on the Asteroid DU-23, head for the Rage Factory.
Rage Factory part is pretty straight forward, pay attention to not aggro too much.

Shiphand : Rage Logic, Veteran Mode, Gold Medal

To get the gold medal, you need to complete these objectives :

  • Beat the 25 minutes timer..
    Don’t rush you’ve got plenty of time.
  • Don’t die.
  • Destroy 50 Ragebots.
    This task can be grouped with others, and upon completion will unlock the Overseers part.
  • Use hoverbike to ram 100 Ragebots.
    Use the Ramming Shield to do this, and run into group of enemies.
  • Destroy the 3 Overseers simultaneously.
    After the kills of 50 Ragebots you will unlock this optionnal task.
    It’s not really simultaneously, but you have to be very quick.
    The best (and only solution if solo) is to ram them using the hoverbike Ramming Shield and move as fast as you can from Overseer to Overseer.
    You can find one Overseer at the left of the entrance, one on the right, and the last one is near the Factory entrance.
    Don’t panic, you got multiple tries before running out of time, memorize the locations and ram them.

This concludes the Asteroid DU-23 exterior part. Enter the blue circle for the Rage Factory interior part after having completed every tasks.

  • Wreck the factory.
  • Destroy 20 Ragebots.
    They hit relatively hard, fight them one at a time.
  • Hack Ragebot Drillers.
    You can find two of them on the right of the entrance, but you can only have one hacked and helping you at a time, wait for him to be killed, then hack another one.
  • Destroy the Broadcast Transmitter.
    This boss fight is hard, and it seems engaging the boss makes one Ragebot spawn, kill him first then kill the Broadcast Transmitter.
    I strongly suggest you to pick a heal skill in your LAS.
  • Hack the Rage Logic Signal Relay.
    Memorize Game, if you hate that, take this Mod from Curse.
  • Destroy Axiom
    This is the final boss, he tends to pull you and stun you, use the med pack that spawns on the ground to heal you, not really a hard fight.

Shiphand : Rage Logic Veteran Gold Medal Run Guide

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