Shiphand : Deep Space Exploration Veteran Guide

Deep Space Exploration is the sixth Shiphand mission you will encounter in WildStar.
It is available for both factions, Exile and Dominion at level 32.

Shiphand : Deep Space Exploration Location

You can start this Shiphand in your respective faction starting place in Wilderrun by talking to these NPC :

  • Flight Recruiter Adra for the Exile
  • Flight Recruiter Reginald for the Dominion

They are looking for adventurers with an interest in charting unknown space. Are you ready?
The shuttle in Wilderrun will take you to the Galactic Observer, where you’ll begin your mission.

Shiphand : Deep Space Exploration, Normal Mode & Codes

On the Steel Serpent and imprisoned in a Specimen Containment Cell, taunt the Ikthian Guard (Use CTRL+F2 multiple times) and kill him.

Free the Galactic Observer crew by taking “Orders : Prisoner Security 144” that you can find on the left in the next hallway.
It contains security codes to desactivate the force fields :

  • Specimens Designated CUBIG/MISCELLANEOUS : 879
  • Specimens Designated ROWSDOWER : 441
  • Specimens Designated HUMANOIDS : 975
  • Species Designated PROTOSTAR : 3596

Then take the left path to the Turbine Stabilizer Room and avoid all traps, throw Scrap Metal parts in the engines.
Head to the north to the Research and Dissection Bay, and finally take the right path to the Rotfin’s Command Quarters.
Nothing is really hard, it’s just a matter of time for the The Steel Serpent.

Back to the Galactic Observer, you must repair the ship by using the Maintenance Drone.
Then activate the Engine Valves and kill Riptide the Stone Serpent.

Shiphand : Deep Space Exploration, Veteran Mode, Gold Medal

To get the gold medal, you need to complete these additional objectives on the Steel Serpent

  • Beat the 50 minutes timer.
    Yep, long instance, but don’t rush you’ve got plenty of time.
  • Don’t die.
  • Escape the Specimen Containment Cell.
    Taunt the Guard with CTRL+F2.
  • Disable 4 Specimen Containment Cells.
    Use the codes above to free them, or find the entry in your Lore Book under Shiphand Mission > Orders : Prisoner Security 144.
  • Use Ikthian Gun on 5 Steelfin forces.
    It’s a pick up item, grab it on the floor and use it on the first Ikthian you find with CTRL+F1, there is at least 7 guns on the Steel Serpent.
  • Collect 6 Engineer Clamp’s parts.
    They are all located in the left part of the instance, on the ground.
  • Clog the Steel Serpent Engines.
    In the Engine room, left of the entrance, take Scrap Metal parts on the floor and throw it in the engines, repeat this four times.
  • Kill Irontide the Venom Snake.
    Irontide is the boss in the Research and Dissection Bay where you free the 8 crew members of the Galactic Observer, very slow, telegraphs easily avoidable.
  • Kill Captain Rotfin.
    Ranged Boss, he makes a nasty moving telegraph called Suppression Fire, move out of range of it.
  • Sabotage Steel Serpent Main Frame Cortex.
    Memorize Game, if you hate that, take this Mod from Curse.

By taking the Escape Hatch, you conclude the Steel Serpent part.
Time to get back on the damaged Galactic Observer. Use the Maintenance Drone to restore life support.
This part only has one additional task to complete :

  • Freeze 6 Terramaws.
    They are not even aggressive, very easy.

Activate the Engine Valves and kill Riptide the Stone Serpent, nothing really different from the normal version.

Shiphand : Deep Space Exploration Veteran Gold Medal Run Guide

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