Shiphand : Fragment Zero Guide

You’ll find shiphands occasionally as you work your way across Nexus. A concerned pilot will be milling about by their away ship, seeking out pioneers to help them with some disaster that’s happened offworld. Take the quest, board their ship, and you’ll be whisked away to somewhere completely different to troubleshoot – which probably means literally shooting the trouble. Shiphands play like extended, sequential quests. You uncover the problems as you move through the ship and fix ‘em up. Shiphands have optional objectives if you want to go above and beyond, too – and that grateful Ekose captain at the end of the road will definitely take note of your efforts.

— WildStar Online

Fragment Zero is the first shiphand mission you will encounter in WildStar.
It is available for both faction, Exile and Dominion at level 6.
This Shiphand was added in Drop #4.

Shiphand : Fragment Zero Location

Follow your character’s quests to find Freight Supervisor Lola who gives the quest “They Came from Fragment Zero“.
You can find Freight Supervisor Lola in four different places :

  • Ellevar (Dominion)
  • Deradune (Dominion)
  • Algoroc, near Tremor Ridge (Exile)
  • Celestion (Exile)

She has lost contact with one of her freighters near Halon, one of Nexus’s moons. The ship is believed to have crash landed on an asteroid known as Fragment Zero.
Spacers say there is some king of derelict facility on the floating asteroid.

Shiphand : Fragment Zero, Normal Mode, Gold Medal

Gold Medal in normal mode is pretty easy, take your time, complete the three optional objectives and you will be rewarded an epic weapon for your class.
Take the left path at first, then the right one.

Shiphand : Fragment Zero, Veteran Mode, Gold Medal

To get the gold medal, you need to complete these objectives :

  • Don’t die
  • Beat the timer
  • Complete the three optional objectives
    • Smash 30 Xenobites Eggs
    • Collect 10 Cargo Crates
    • Desactive 3 Fragment Zero’s automated defenses