Spellslinger PvE DPS Ignite Build

Updated for Drop #5

Spellslinger Ignite Build with Arcane Missiles & Flame Burst

This magical damage Spellslinger build revolves around Arcane Missiles and Ignite.
It’s very good for raids or dungeons, especially if you play with DPS Espers or others Spellslingers, as you will bring a lot of Magical Resistance reduction.

Table of Contents


Ignite/Arcane Missiles/Flame Burst build use the following skills.

Spellslinger_Spell_Quick_Draw Tier 8 Quick Draw Physical Damage
Our Bread and Butter Skill that will deal a big percent of your total damage in most PvE encounter.
T4 boosts your character speed while you hit, T8 adds a damage boost for a short time after having channeled. T8 is mandatory.
Spellslinger_Spell_Ignite Tier 8 Ignite Magical Damage
Our DoT spell, track it with Aura Mastery for ease of use.
T8 applies surged and normal dot with one surged use. Always surge it.
Spellslinger_Spell_Flame_Burst Base Flame Burst Magical Damage
A quick damaging spell off the GCD usable after a critical hit. Does not use Spell Surge.
T4 reduces it’s cooldown after using a magic ability, T8 adds more damage if used with Ignite or Charged Shot. Use on Cooldown.
Spellslinger_Spell_Assassinate Base Assassinate Physical Damage
Our “Execute” skill, comes with two charges. Inflicts more damage if used on target < 30% HP or Surged.
T4 adds an additional charge, T8 is not for PvE. Assassinate consumes Spell Surge even if target is under 30% HP.
Spellslinger_Spell_Arcane_Missiles Tier 8 Arcane Missiles Magical Damage
Our Magic Debuff skill, very useful with a raid full of Espers and Spellslingers.
T4 gives you more Spell Power, T8 gives you a boost to your magic damage. Use on Cooldown to keep the debuff.

Remaining slots in your LAS are up to you.


Spellslinger Ignite Build AMP

Spellslinger Ignite Build AMP

If you want to play a little with a skill builder, this build is also on Ws-Base or JabbitHole.


Simple Rotation, use Spell Surged Arcane Missiles on Cooldown followed by Spell Surged Ignite when the DoT has disappeared to keep Ignite DoT & Arcane Missiles debuff on your target.

  • Quick Draw as an opener (For +10% Damage Tier 8 buff)
  • Spell Surged Arcane Missiles
  • Spell Surged Ignite
  • Spell Surged Assassinate (Unless target is under 30% HP, then dump your Spell Surge on the following Quick Draw instead)
  • Quick Draw until Arcane Missiles Cooldown, you will have more than 2 casts Spell Surged at this time
  • Use Flame Burst on Cooldown
  • Rinse & Repeat

With Trigger Finger AMP, Arcane Missiles Cooldown and Ignite DoT duration are more or less the same.
The last tick of Ignite is the most powerful one, never re-apply Ignite before it falls off of your target.

Visual Help
Spellslinger_Spell_Quick_Draw Spellslinger_Spell_Spell_Surge Spellslinger_Spell_Arcane_Missiles Spellslinger_Spell_Ignite Spellslinger_Spell_Assassinate Spellslinger_Spell_Assassinate Spellslinger_Spell_Quick_Draw Spellslinger_Spell_Quick_Draw Spellslinger_Spell_Quick_Draw

Adjusting the Build

If you are under 48 Ability Points

Arcane Missiles is the only skill to downrank.
While waiting for the last 5 Ability Points for Arcane Missile Tier 8, put points in Flame Burst.

If you are under 55 AMP Points

Drop Urgency AMP (Hybrid A/S).

In Dungeons

In dungeons, Interrupts are more valuable than DPS, so drop Arcane Missiles to Tier 4 and take Gate to Tier 4.

Another Spellslinger plays with Withering Magic AMP

Drop it and take something else (Like Critical Severity).

Another Spellslinger plays with Arcane Missiles

Do not take Arcane Missiles and bring Flame Burst to Tier 8 instead.

Aura Mastery Code for Ignite DoT

Finding your Ignite DoT remaining time on a Boss debuff bar is tricky, and almost impossible if you are with others Spellslingers.
Use Aura Mastery to track this spell and many more things.

  1. Copy the code below
  2. Change the Key used for Ignite
  3. Type /am on the chat
  4. In the opened configuration panel, click on the Import button
  5. A new entry is automatically created, you can click on the Lock to move the buff icon.
  6. Play with the options to find the best fit for you.
{[‘playSoundWhen’] = “None”,[‘iconScale’] = 1.4750000238419,[‘iconEnabled’] = true,[‘iconSprite’] = “sprRunecrafting_Fire”,[‘iconSound’] = -1,[‘iconPosition’] = {[‘left’] = 179,[‘top’] = 61,},[‘SimpleMode’] = false,[‘onlyInCombat’] = true,[‘iconName’] = “Ignite”,[‘showWhen’] = “Always”,[‘iconText’] = {[1] = {[‘textFont’] = “CRB_FloaterSmall”,[‘textAnchor’] = “ITL”,[‘textString’] = “{charges}”,[‘textFontColor’] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},},[2] = {[‘textFont’] = “CRB_FloaterSmall”,[‘textAnchor’] = “IBR”,[‘textString’] = “{stacks}”,[‘textFontColor’] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},},[3] = {[‘textFont’] = “CRB_FloaterSmall”,[‘textAnchor’] = “OR”,[‘textString’] = “{time}”,[‘textFontColor’] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},},},[‘iconBackground’] = true,[‘Triggers’] = {[1] = {[‘Type’] = “Keybind”,[‘Name’] = “Trigger 1″,[‘TriggerDetails’] = {[‘Input’] = {[‘Shift’] = false,[‘Alt’] = false,[‘Key’] = 49,[‘Control’] = false,},[‘Duration’] = 8.5,},[‘TriggerEffects’] = {[1] = {[‘timerLength’] = 7,[‘Type’] = “Flash”,[‘When’] = “Pass”,[‘isTimed’] = true,},},[‘Behaviour’] = “Pass”,},},[‘iconOverlay’] = {[‘overlayColor’] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 0,[3] = 0,[4] = 0.75,},[‘overlayStyle’] = “Radial”,[‘overlayShape’] = “Icon”,},[‘iconColor’] = {[1] = 1,[2] = 1,[3] = 1,[4] = 1,},[‘actionSets’] = {[1] = true,[2] = false,[3] = false,[4] = true,},[‘iconBorder’] = true,}