Spellslinger PvP Gameplay : PU vs Premade

Battleground : Hall of the Bloodsworn

Hall of the Bloodsworn battleground in Exile team versus a premade team of the Dominion.
I made the first defensive round as an healer, then switched to DPS for the offensive phase.
Despite their big DPS and coordination, we managed to win pretty easily.

One of my first DPS speced battlegound, a lot a fun to assassinate people.

Spellslinger PvP DPS LAS

Spellslinger_Spell_Quick_Draw Spellslinger_Spell_Assassinate Spellslinger_Spell_Wild_Barrage Spellslinger_Spell_True_Shot Spellslinger_Spell_Arcane_Infusion Spellslinger Spell Gate Spellslinger Spell Void Slip
Quick Draw Assassinate Wild Barrage True Shot Arcane Infusion Gate Void Slip

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