3/17/2015 Update Notes

Update Notes


  • Fixed a client crash which would sometimes occur while interacting with an Auctioneer.


  • The Data Drifter mount now travels faster by default and rivals the Savage Warpig and Luminous Equivar.



  • Inspirational Charge AMP : T4-T8 Telekinetic Strike now has its cast time reduced when under Inspirational Charge.


  • Amplification Spike : Amplification Spike can now only be active on 1 ally at a time.


If a player leaves a dungeon without rolling on any “Need vs Greed” loot, they will now automatically pass on all loot.

Protogames Academy

  • The Protogames Recruiter in Gallow is now visible when the “Judge and Jury” episode has been completed but the “Reviving Judge Kain” episode has not been.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Immortal achievement to never be granted.

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

  • Blight Shield should no longer periodically fail to apply.
  • Rayna Darkspeaker
    • Restored the encounter walls.
    • Increased the telegraph height of the flame waves.

Ultimate Protogames

  • Allowing a creature to be buffed with Elemental Overload now fails the Atychiphobia challenge.
  • The Event Summary screen will now properly display failed and succeeded challenges and optional objectives
  • Players should now be able to learn the recipes that drop from Ultimate Protogames.
  • Veteran Ultimate Protogames will now count towards the weekly group PvE quests.
  • Bev-O-Rage
    • Adjusted several of the gauntlet sequences so that sparks aren’t shooting from both sides at once.
    • Removed the Carbonated debuff ability from Bev-O-Rage.
    • Increased incoming healing buff from Aurin Amber from +300% to +500%.
    • Removed the DoT from Carbonated Destruction.
    • Reduced the damage of the gauntlet spells by ~15%.
  • Lost and Found
    • Energy Storm Anomalies and Time Warp Bubbles now despawn after 3 minutes.



  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Megalith encounters from granting the correct achievements.
  • Completing the Limbo Infomatrix and Volatility Lattice encounters will now award each raid member with Glory.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing ground targeted spells to fall through certain areas. This primarily affected Volatility Lattice and Limbo Infomatrix.
  • Legendary accessories will now have a chance to drop in place of class tokens when completing boss challenge modes
  • Earthen Biomes
    • Logic Guided Rockslide
      • Should now resume attacking normally instead of idly chasing after Maelstrom.
      • Fixed an issue where AI could break if Logic Guided Rockslide left combat during Maelstrom.
      • Increased movement speed penalty on Desynch to 90%, up from 75%.
  • Elemental Pairs
    • Fixed an issue that was allowing Tanks to be valid targets for randomly targeted abilities when they should not be.
    • Hydroflux and Pyrobane
      • Fixed an issue that was causing Hypothermia and Heat Stroke to consider Tanks as valid targets when it should not.
      • Fixed an issue that was preventing the telegraph of Hypothermia and Heat Stroke from displaying correctly.
    • Megalith
      • Fierce Swipe now occurs on a ~15s cooldown.
      • Fierce Swipe no longer applies Weak Knees.
    • Mnemesis
      • Vibromatic Synthesis should no longer slither off into the sunset under any circumstances.
    • Visceralus and Aileron
      • Lightning Strike now ignores Line of Sight.
      • Lightning Strike should now have a visible debuff during the cast time.
  • Gloomclaw
    • Reduced Gloomclaw’s Interrupt Armor while casting Rupture to 8, down from 10.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Gloomclaw’s minions to recover Interrupt Armor at inappropriate times.
    • Reduced Corrupted Ravager’s Interrupt Armor to 2, down from 3.
  • Maelstrom Authority
    • Conduction should now be dispelled from players when the boss begins casting Shatter.
  • Volatility Lattice
    • Nullify now selects a nearby cube if the target is on a Circuit Breaker cube.

Genetic Archives

  • Legendary accessories will now have a chance to drop in place of class tokens when completing boss challenge modes.
  • Tremor will no longer interrupt Malfunctioning Gear’s Repeat spell.
  • Malfunctioning Battery
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Malfunctioning Battery to lock on to a target other than his top threat target.



Daggerstone Pass

  • Fixed an issue with the Time Bomb that caused inconsistent behaviors based on faction.


  • Dropped Boss Tokens should once again be tradable and able to be placed in the guild bank. Purchased Boss Tokens will still be bound to individual players.


The Malgrave Trail

  • Increased the speed of the caravan by 10%.
  • All resources will be consumed substantially more slowly throughout the instance.
  • Caravan should no longer get permanently stuck at camp if a Caravan Member dies walking to their camp location
  • Increased the power of armed caravan members’ attacks by about 15%.
  • Doubled the bonus resources provided by each Settler player in a party.
  • Sped up the rate at which Fatigue is reduced while camping.
  • Decreased the time necessary to unlock the “Malgrave Speedster” achievement to 55 minutes.


  • The drop rates for rare dyes from Veteran Shiphand reward bags have been adjusted.
  • Shiphand quests will now complete properly when using the group finder.


  • The Lumbering Parasite mob will no longer be immune to damage in rare circumstances.



  • Fixed an issue that caused server disconnects on the Housing skymap.
  • Fixed the client lag when players visit another player’s housing plot.
  • The SFX Ambience “A Little Rain Must Fall” now plays the correct rainy soundscape.
  • The ‘Raid Target Dummy’ on the Large Training Grounds plug is now level 50.


  • Fixed issue in the Guild Roster where selecting a member row when filtering offline members would cause the selection to skip to the last row.



  • Some consumables, such as Fleeting Density Nanites, that were incorrectly increasing Brutality now correctly increase Armor instead.


  • Having the 40-man System Daemons achievement will now count towards the purchase of Datascape-quality Glory gear.


  • All costumes available for purchase should now list as ‘Bind on Pickup’ rather than ‘Bind on Equip’.
  • The Roan-Wrangler cosmetic set pieces will now properly refund for renown within the first hour of purchase.
  • The dye bags purchased with Renown have had their costs and rewards updated.
  • Dye rarities have been updated to better reflect their relative worth.


  • Items crafted from the Ultimate Protogames recipes should now appropriately display on player characters.

User Interface

  • Fixed a rare lua error on the unit frame when reloading the UI.
  • Fixed a Lua Error caused by loading a character customization code.
  • Fixed issue where inventory bag slots were doing expensive tooltip generation on the wrong lua event
  • Covered case where datachron and path addons would load in a weird order causing the datachron to display nothing
  • Fixed issue with TargetFrame where being in a vehicle would not properly update the players target frame bar.
  • The Error Window for mail will now resize correctly to fit the length of text.
  • Apollo API : Fixed rare issue where check box controls could crash the client.


  • The following World Bosses have had their damage output retuned to better work with the Scalable Creature system - Zoetic, Hoarding Stemdragon, Doomthorn the Ancient, Kraggar the Earth-Render, Grendelus the Guardian, Makeshift Merfee, Pyre Everflame.
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