WildStar Drop #5 : Content


  • New Challenge UI
  • Vanity Pets and Toys
  • Contracts
  • Initialization Core Y-83 Raid
  • Levian Bay PCP
  • Levian Bay Adventure
  • New Quest Tracker
  • Red vs. Blue Battlegrounds
  • Early Level (Arkship, 3-6 Zones) Improvements

Drop #5 Features Summary

Quest Sharing Fixes, Levels 42-50

Quest sharing has been streamlined throughout Malgrave, Grimvault, Blighthaven and The Defile. Additionally, Blighthaven features a fast travel destination from the capital cities at the Nursery Trading Post, and new soloable daily quests. The Defile’s Dominion and Exile suppliers have moved from their original homes in the Sonic Plaza to new locations at Final Light and Hope’s Dare in the Dread Traverse. These new locations feature a transmat terminal, crafting and engraving stations, and a fast travel destination from the capital cities.

Arkship Updates

The Destiny and The Gambler’s Ruin tutorial experiences have been streamlined.

Levian Bay Adventure

Bay of Betrayal: Get ready for a brand new adventure. Harness astonishing new powers in a frantic race against the Ascendancy’s greatest champions.

Bind on Pickup Items Are Temporarily Tradable

Bind on Pickup items can now be traded within 2 hours after the item is looted, and can only be traded to other characters that were eligible for the item when the item was looted. The item can only be traded to other characters which were eligible for the item when it was looted.


Protostar invites level-50 players to participate in their Protostar Contracts program, which tasks participants with the completion of various PvE or PvP-activities across Nexus. Completing Contracts awards players with progress on the reward track and with unique loot bags filled with fabulous prizes! Find a Protostar Contract-Dispenser in Thayd or Illium to learn more!
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Holo-Wardrobe System

Players can now store the appearance of a piece of equipment at the account level, rather than have each character acquire and equip specific items. Players also no longer need to interact with the stylist to edit their costumes.

ICComm Rewrite Work In User/Party

ICComm now supports group and guild channels with better defined and more accessible limits for addon developers.

New 20-Person Raid

Initialization Core Y-83: A single-boss, 20-person raid instance has opened up within The Defile. This encounter comes with an opt-in challenge mode that increases the encounter’s level of difficulty.

Initialization Core Y-83 Raid

Nurton, Kaffee, and a group of Freebots have come to The Defile to locate and destroy the source of a signal that is broadcasting the techno-phage on all channels. To succeed in their mission, they need your assistance. Find Nurton in Hope’s Dare or Final Light in The Defile to participate in this optional, soloable prologue to the new 20-person Initialization Core Y-83 raid.

Levels 3-6 Zones Streamlined

Levian Bay, Crimson Isle, Everstar Grove, and Northern Wastes have been streamlined to make quests easier to understand and to reduce travel times between playspaces.

Objective Tracker Improvements

A new interface has been added to better track quests, path missions, challenges and other content. This new tracker includes a lot of customization for players to decide how much content they want to see in the tracker.

Optimized Raid Frames

Raid frames have received an optimization pass.

Red vs. Blue Same Faction Battlegrounds

Same-Faction Battlegrounds – Battleground queues can now pit groups of the same faction against each other.

PvP Rewards Season 1

Season 1 is now coming to an end. The top 1% of players in 2v2 Arena, 3v3 Arena, 5v5 Arena, and Rated Battlegrounds will receive an achievement and title for their hard work. For 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 Arenas, high-ranked players will earn the Achievement and Title of “The Warlike.” For Battlegrounds, high-ranked players will earn the Achievement and Title of “The War-Forged.”

Levian Bay PCP

Enter Star-Comm Basin, a new level-50 zone set in Levian Bay, and participate in its dynamic, daily, event-driven playspace. The Caretaker has sent out a call for help after getting caught in the middle of a dust-up between the Exiles and the Dominion. Too bad the creepy cavalry includes Ikthians, Marauders, and the Strain. Ready to throw down? Triple the threat, triple the corpses!

Taxi Unlock Changes

Taxi kiosks will now unlock automatically as players reach the minimum level for a zone’s content.

Vanity Pets

Players can now collect and summon companion pets in WildStar. Accentuate your personal style with a pet rowsdower, pumera or even a cute little probebot!
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Overhead Icons for Vendor Variants

Vendor Icon Callouts: Vendors across Nexus will now have unique Icons above their heads to better indicate their specialized wares.


We reduced some of the Hard Drive reads that happen while moving around and while looking around.
We removed some massive frame rate drops that could occur if players were running on objects and into a wall.