3/3/2015 Update Notes

Update Notes


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from getting a new rental mount if the last one expired while the player was in combat.


  • The hazmat suit no longer hides the player character’s helm texture.

Chop Shop

  • Changing the player’s Face Style in Character Customization will reset all Face Customization options to 0. This will make Character Customization costs more accurate for players with Face Customizations.



  • Resetting an AMP that unlocks an ability now removes that ability from the player’s Action Set Builder. This will allow players to save AMP changes after resetting an AMP that unlocks an ability that is in the player’s Limited Action Set.


  • Regenerative Pulse : Surged Tiers 1 through 8 now target the most injured ally.
  • Vitality Burst : Surged Tier 8 C1 now refunds Spell Power immediately after cast.
  • Hyper Shield : Now procs Flame Armor.


  • Razor Disk : Tiers 4 through 7 now have a 10s cooldown as intended.


  • Fortify : Fixed an issue where Fortify bonuses could persist if a player removed all sources of shields.



  • Quest credit prerequisites for “Guardians of the Grove” have been lowered to eliminate the small chances of players not getting their due quest credit for participating in a successful “Guardians of the Grove” event.


  • Merchant Gemma in Thayd has decided to stand someplace more appropriate, rather than inside a crate.


  • The “Corrupted Test Chompacabra” no longer has a chance of being unkillable.

Dungeon, Shiphands & Adventures

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

  • Distracting the Moldwood Maulers no longer makes them fall through the platform.

Ultimate Protogames

  • The Reboot spell Bev-O-Rage uses to kick players into the Gauntlet now removes the Carbonated Destruction DoT.
Elemental Hospital
  • Should now correctly grant credit for all achievements, challenges, and optional objectives.
Hut Hut
  • Players now respawn inside of the starter ring upon a wipe.
  • Players will be properly awarded with the “Slick Moves” achievement.

Protogames Academy

  • Totems no longer rotate during the final phase.
  • Flame waves spawn slightly less frequently.

The Malgrave Trail

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Dominion version of the daily quest “Adventure: Veteran The Malgrave Trail” not to complete upon completing the “The Malgrave Trail” instance.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented selecting other matchmaking game types immediately after leaving a Shiphand.



Limbo Infomatrix
  • Lowered damage of Keeper of Sands’ Desert Swarms by ~30%.
  • Lowered damage of Keeper of Sands’ Sand Trap by ~30%.
  • Only two Antlions spawn per cycle now, down from 3.
Maelstrom Authority
  • Players stealthing while Maelstrom Authority is changing platforms should no longer sometimes cause the encounter to reset.
  • Increased the rate of the weather cycle to be the intended speed. It was increasing at half of the intended rate, causing the phases to last significantly longer than intended and allowing players to skip many mechanics.
Volatility Lattice
  • Reduced the power required for phase transitions so the encounter is the proper duration.

Genetic Archives

  • Malfunctioning Piston will no longer despawn when resetting.


  • Increased Prestige maximum capacity to 10,000.


Halls of the Bloodsworn
  • Losing a match now gives the correct amount of progress toward the daily quest objective to win matches (from 2 to 1).


  • The PVP Consumables Vendor now sells unlimited-use AMP and Ability Tier point unlocks for Prestige.
  • The PvP Consumables Vendor now sells bags of elemental signs and rune fragments.
  • All gear purchased for prestige should now refund for 50% of the initial cost. All vendor-specific consumables should now refund for 100% of the initial cost.
  • Removed the rating requirements from all Level 50 Purple-Quality vendor gear.
  • Level 50 Blue-Quality PvP Gear can now be purchased from the Battlegrounds Gear vendors for gold.


  • Removed rating restriction when matching Warparties for battle.
  • Removed the rating requirements from all Warplot plugs.
  • Players should once again be rewarded with the proper reward chests when participating.



  • Fixed a bug where rested XP buffs from decor wouldn’t update correctly when decor with the same buff was added to the crate.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing harvest nodes from spawning while a player was standing on their housing property.
  • The achievement unlock for the Festival Tier 3 FabKit has been fixed.


  • The Imbuement Quest “Executor Executer” will no longer allow players to spawn an infinite number of creatures.
  • “Lamenation of the Losers” Imbuement is now properly completed by winning the entire match, instead of a round, of Halls of the Bloodsworn.
  • The “Cinder-Rippers” item from Datascape has had its item level reduced to fall back in line with all other similarly tiered items.
  • The “Fully Optimized Defense Sphere” drop from Datascape has had its stats adjusted to fall in line with other items of similar magnitude/slot.
  • Items that have a restocking fee on a timer now say so instead of telling players that they’ll get a full refund.
  • The “Moonblade of the Spirit Mother” drop from Veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden will now provide an appropriate amount of support power.
  • Existing items which have had a design change to increase the rune slot count will now properly gain those runes the next time the character logs in.
  • The Mercurial Claws of Technic can no longer be sold back to the vendor after their refund period has expired.
  • Fragment of the Gladiator should once again be tradable (But will no be available for prestige refund at this time)
  • Weak Hybrid Power Core should once again be tradable (But will not be available for crafting voucher refund at this time).
  • Lesser Inspiration of the Aggressors should once again be tradable
  • All Bind on Equip (Use) Class AMPs should once again be tradable.


  • Cooking Trainers have all been updated to be persistent NPCs like all other tradeskill related NPCs. Exiles keep an eye out for Chef Theok, and members of the Dominion speak with Chef Cecilia to learn how to cook.
  • Some unused cooking meat items have been replaced with the correct tiers (Huge Fish, Bizarre Bug Meat, Exquisite Poultry, Superb Meat).
  • The Survivalist materials bags sold for crafting vouchers no longer provide a bonus to survivalists.

User Interface

  • Mail windows will now close when the mail is deleted.
  • The raid token icon will now be shown on an item tooltip instead of the copper icon when that item can be returned for a full refund.
  • Fixed a bug where the teleport to instance button did not appear in the matchmaking UI under certain conditions.
  • MatchMaker should no longer crash when attempting to re-queue for a match making game inside the match once it is completed.
  • The vendor UI now shows the correct amount of secondary currency the player has if the items being sold require equipment tokens and another currency.
  • The level up unlock notifications now take into account when new Shiphand missions are available.
  • Nameplate art should now correctly represent player disposition to the unit (friendly, neutral, hostile) instead of it’s current health threshold.
Houston API
  • Modified the table provided by the “WhoResponse” event to always include the strZone and strSubZone keys and to filter out invalid results.
  • itemUserData:HasRestockingFee() returns true if the associated item has a restocking fee.
  • itemUserData:GetDetailedInfo().tCost.bHasRestockingFee returns true if the associated item has a restocking fee.
  • Fixed a Lua error caused by undoing an option in the Character Customization window.
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