2/10/2015 Update Notes

Update Notes



  • ​Fixed an issue that caused the player’s helm to show at the incorrect time after purchasing character customization changes.
  • Items with faction-specific imbuement quests now have the appropriate faction requirements to be worn. NOTE - if you are already wearing an item with an imbuement of the opposite faction, it will no longer provide any benefit to your character.



  • Abilities
    • Astral Infusion : T1-7 Surged now properly applies the HoT to allies
    • Charged Shot : Surged T8 no longer triggers an additional GCD.
    • Healing Torrent : T8 now properly triggers on allies affected by Affinity.


  • Abilities
    • Nano Skin, Evasive : Reduces Damage Taken by 17%, increased from 10%.


  • Abilities
    • Relentless Strikes : Relentless Strikes T4 was adding more damage than intended to Tremor. This has been reduced.



  • Fixed several instances of missing text throughout the Journey to OMNICore-1 mission.


  • Mercenary Runok, as a quest NPC, can no longer be mercilessly slaughtered by the Dominion.
  • The Grand Poohbot will no longer take damage from mines when casting spell, Deploy the Mines.

Dungeons & Raids


  • Fixed a rare issue where players received a lower medal reward than their points earned would indicate.
  • Skullcano
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Chief Kaskalak’s Molten Escort event to reset when a Stalker went into Stealth.
  • Ultimate Protogames
    • When a room is complete, the points earned in that room now appear in the Room point section for 5 seconds before being added to the total.
    • The timer for the optional objective “Going Green” in the Waste Management Facility has been increased by 30 seconds to allow players a better chance to complete the objective.
    • Bev-O-Rage : Drinks and Coins should no longer, occasionally, fly over the wall.


Renown can no longer be gained while in a raid group unless the group is in a raid zone.


  • Avatus
    • Support Cannons are now 20% larger targets.
    • Fragmented Data Chunks no longer cast Crushing Blow, have had their health reduced by 88%, and will cast Strikethrough less often.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Excessive Force Protocol to summon an additional wave of clones before becoming active.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Core Essence Fragments to spawn when they shouldn’t.
    • Support Cannons will now appear every 23s, instead of every 20s.
  • Elemental Pairs
    • Visceralus’ Brambles will no longer spawn from pets.
  • Hydroflux and Aileron
    • The encounter challenge “Whiteout” has been changed to “Defeat Hydroflux and Aileron before they finish summoning the third Glacial Icestorm”.
  • Megalith and Mnemesis
    • Fixed an edge case where the Overcharged buff would fail to apply or be removed correctly.
  • Visceralus
    • Life Force now deals ~25% less damage to the raid.
  • Visceralus and Aileron
    • Players should now take minimal falling damage when landing after breaking an Annihilation Orb.
  • Maelstrom Authority
    • Previous applications of Wind Walls will now despawn the next time the spell is cast.
    • Reduced the target count for Typhoon and Static Bombshell to 5.
    • Wind Walls will now take 6 seconds to cast.
    • Weather Stations now have greatly reduced armor and resists.
    • Reduced the size of the safe zone for Static Fallout.
  • System Daemons
    • It is no longer possible for the Engineer Bruiser Bot to eat all of the Power Surges.
    • The Generator Rooms have been condensed into a single room to provide more flexibility in learning the encounter. The Firewall Power penalty incurred when enemies reach the Generators has been doubled to compensate.

Genetic Archives

  • Phageborn Convergence
    • Killing the caster of the middle phase event no longer prevents the middle phase from occurring again.

Protogames Academy

  • Players will no longer receive the Deserter penalty for completing Protogames Academy through the Group Finder.



Daggerstone Pass

  • It’s no longer possible to remain in the spawn point for the duration of the game.


  • The Warplot Battle floating action bar will now always be visible to the last player that joins the team.




  • Fixed a bug where a Soldier using ‘Bail Out!’ might appear to lose their weapon.


  • Fixed an error where selecting the “Hide Ground Clutter” option on the Housing Remodel pane would appear to cancel any other selected remodel options.


  • Forced rename of guilds will no longer pop back up on the screen right after performing a rename.


Auction House/Commodity Exchange

  • The buy/sell price of items on the commodities exchange is now a better estimation of the final cost/value of the items.


  • Added method for players who acquired bad Genetic Archives recipes for Armorer and Tailor to acquire the good ones for cheap.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause schematics to be unlearned when swapping tradeskills.


  • Technologist-crafted PvP consumables should no longer be refundable for Prestige.


  • The Weaponsmithing schematic, “‘Adventus’ AS-2 CM Tanking Assist Basic”, has been adjusted to properly require 14 Eldan Data Fragments for creation.


  • Fixed an error caused by using the /r command when nobody has sent the player a whisper or account whisper.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where the cast bar animations on target frames did not drain smoothly, causing stuttering and skipping.

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