3/31/2015 Update Notes

Update Notes



All items provided from challenges will now be of the correct tier and item level.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Shield Towers from correctly applying their Protective Aura to players when the auras were stacked.
  • The Final Showdown boss challenge achievement and loot should now be awarded correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing more than ten players to enter the Excessive Force Protocol and Infinite Logic Loop simulations.
Elemental Pairs
  • Hydroflux and Aileron
    • Completing the Whiteout challenge will no longer award the Heat Transfer achievement.
    • Twirl now correctly destroys Ice Tombs on contact.
  • Hydroflux and Pyrobane
    • Completing the Heat Transfer challenge will no longer award the Whiteout achievement.

Genetic Archives

Dreadphage Ohmna
  • Fixed an issue that was causing two sets of Tentacles to spawn at a time.



Daggerstone Pass
  • Defending a bomb when it drops now awards experience and prestige.


  • Corrected the stats on the Warplot Stalker Assault Shields and Subjugator’s Invasive Flexipants to provide the proper assault stats.


The Malgrave Trail

  • The ship from Area 77 to Seaview Plateau will now leave after 30 seconds. Any players not aboard will be left behind and have to walk.
  • Several hungry Chompacabra have also recently made their home in Seaview Plateau.
  • The Caravan should no longer get stuck when trying to camp at a campsite that was camped at previously.



  • The Imbuements for Battlemaster’s Assailing Grasps and Vexillari’s Wristwraps now update properly.
  • Fixed the internal cooldown for the ‘Money is Power’ item special proc ‘Time is Money’
  • Fixed an issue that caused some crafted items to become soulbound after logging out or transferring worlds.

User Interface

  • Resolved a bug that in very rare cases could cause corruption of certain character data.