Shiphand : The Gauntlet Veteran Guide

The Gauntlet is the last shiphand mission you will encounter in WildStar and one of my favorite.
It is available for both faction, Exile and Dominion at level 40.

Shiphand : The Gauntlet Location

You need to find Pilot Taboro in southern Malgrave to board the Nightflare.
He made some vague mention of a ship under distress, and you need to help him with his plight by traveling in his beat-up ship into orbit.

Shiphand : The Gauntlet, Normal Mode

The Shiphand is pretty straight forward, you clean one room and proceed to the next trap.

The first room is called « Proving Ground » and is covered by a lot of telegraphs, take your time, they are many safe spot to regen if needed.
After a small corridor, you enter the « Swarm Pit« , 3 waves of creatures will attack you without delay. Prepare yourself before entering the blue circle.

Next is the « Chamber of Choice » or the « Splorg Bomb Room« . Use your dodge wisely. The more the timer runs the more telegraphs there will be.
The end of the Shiphand is pretty classic, big bosses or multiple creatures with some time to regen between waves.

Don’t forget to use the floating cameras, and try the dancing-room !

Shiphand : The Gauntlet, Veteran Mode, Gold Medal

To get the gold medal, you need to complete these objectives :

  • Beat the 20 minutes timer..
    Don’t rush you’ve got plenty of time.
  • Don’t die.
  • Collect 10 Golden Skulls.
    See above for the complete list & location
  • Collect 20 Gauntlet Score Tokens & survive the Splorg.
    You need to hurry to get these ones and watch for the telegraphs, they spawn at 4 fixed places over the room.
  • Save 3 Gauntlet Contestants from the Darkspur.
    Very easy, kills Darkspur’s patrols to free them.

Golden Skulls

Golden Skulls always spawn at random places, but there is always the same amount of skulls in a designated room :

  • The first room called « Proving Ground » with all the telegraphs contains two skulls.
    Shiphand The Gauntlet Golden Skulls Location

    Golden Skulls locations
    It only indicate how many skulls per room, not precise location.

    Don’t forget to check over or in the crates behind you.

  • Each side rooms you can access from the « Proving Ground » contains one skull.
    Look at the ceiling or near the pipes
  • The small corridor from the « Proving Ground » room leading to the « Swarm Pit » does not contain any skull.
  • The « Swarm Pit » contains one skull or sometimes in the next corridor.
    Look at the side of the entrance or near the walls
  • The « Chamber of Choice » contains one Skull.
    Not really hard to find.
  • On the right, you will find one Skull in the « Charnel Chamber » and one skull in the Darkspur/Captives Room.
    Don’t forget to check near the bikes
  • « Faction Friction » room on the left contains another skull.
    It is generally floating near the ceiling or in the penalty box.
  • The last skull is located in the « Main Event » room.
    Search over the arena or under the bleachers.

Shiphand : The Gauntlet Veteran Gold Medal Run Walkthrough

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