Crowfall Templar Archetype



Once I dreamed of being a Princess. It didn’t work out.

My mother passed when I was thirteen. I remember that bed – the smell of lavender over the stench of decay. I wasn’t there when they burned her body. They hoped to spare me from seeing her stand up or flail around.
I see it anyway, when I sleep.

Father tried to marry me to a noble, but I wouldn’t have it. The Church was desperate, any who could afford a horse and armor were knighted on sight. We were the first females sanctified since the Beggar’s Crusade – but certainly not the last.

The sickness that took my mother was spreading. Farms, villages, even cities were lost – or sealed off and burned to keep the Hunger from spreading. Did we even slow it down? I still pray for the living, for the innocent souls we trapped inside.

Those were hard days, full of sweat and ash, death and steel. I take pride in that work. Even as my world crumbled, I did my best to fight the Hunger.

I fight it, still. For my mother, for my father and for the World that I once loved.

— Crowfall

Templar Role, Attributes, Starting Stats

The Templar is a Tank class, and mainly relies on Strengh and Dexterity.
Templar got a boost in Intellect rather than Spirit like the Knight, the other tank class in the game.

Crowfall Templar Attributes

Templar Gear

Templar will be able to wear heavy armor and two-handed sword.

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