Crowfall Duelist Archetype


Courage and Sacrifice

Aha! I see from your curious expression that you know not of my people. I take no offense!
I am Guinecean, of course! You have heard of us, yes?

No? How is this so!
The merchant families of Guinecea were the first to establish trade between Worlds. Our artist, the inventors of sculpture and stagecraft. Our duelist, the finest masters to wield a blade. Our engineers, the only to unlock the secret of munitions.

From your face, I see you doubt me. Surely, you jest!
No? Fine, I shall tell you of my people. Perhaps, then, you will understand.
In the Time before Time, my kind could not speak. We were a simple people.

Honest, yes. Hard-working, yes… but dim, like the beasts in the field.
One day, our eldest came upon a woman in the woods, her back against a tree. Her skin was pale as snow, her clothing matted with red and brown.
He could see that she was dying. He brought her food, but she would not have it. He brought her water, but she would not drink it. So, instead, he sat beside her and offered her comfort in her last moments. This, she accepted.

She died with her hand upon his head. In that moment, she gave him the Gift: knowledge, intelligence, speech. Not him alone. All of my people.
It is The Gift that you, also, possess. This Gift which was hers, and hers alone, to give.
Do you doubt my courage, friend? My sincerity? My loyalty? My prowess as a warrior?

Stand back, then, my friend. Stand back, watch and learn.

— Crowfall

Duelist Role, Attributes, Starting Stats

The Duelist is a Ranged DPS, and mainly relies on Dexterity and Intellect.

Duelist Gear

Duelist will be able to wear medium armor, sword and pistols.

Concept Art & Screenshots