WildStar World Boss List for Raid Attunement

Complete list of World Bosses for the Genesis Key Raid Attunement Quest “From All Corners“.
You need to kill 12 different World Bosses to complete this step.

This step will look at your achievements when you accept the quest and give you credit for any world boss kills you earned an achievement for before, see the 9/11/2014 Patch for more information.

WildStar World Boss List

WildStar World Boss Locations, Maps, Titles & Achievements

Metal Maw

The creature known as Metal Maw is a powerful cybernetic monstrosity, a fusion of advanced biological engineering and Eldan augmentation technology. Having been captured by Dominion hunters, the beast has now been brought to Deradune to serve as the ultimate challenge in the Great Hunt.

WildStar World Boss Metal Maw Deradune


  • Location : Bloodfire Savannah in Deradune (Coordinates -5135, -460) [Click for Map]
  • Level 11 Augmented Thing with 1 300 000 HP
  • Killing Metal Maw grants the title “The Biped Butche” & the “Metal Maw !” achievement
  • Kill Video on Youtube

Hoarding Stemdragon


  • Location : Glintrock Dale (North Island) in Ellevar (Coordinates -2585, -4512)
  • Level 10 Stemdragon with 1 270 000 HP
  • Killing the Hoarding Stemdragon grants the title “The Weed Killer” & the “Post-Emergent” achievement
  • Kill Video on Youtube

Grendelus the Guardian

World Boss Grendelus the Guardian

  • Location : Exo-Site N22, under the Camp Viridian in Celestion (Coordinates 2773, -1461) [Click for Map]
  • Level 11 Nature Giant with 1 400 000 HP
  • Killing Grendelus the Guardian grants the title “The Giant Slayer” & the “Ganking Grendy” achievement
  • Grendelus the Guardian World Boss Guide

Kraggar the Earth-Render

WildStar World Boss Kraggar The Earth-Render

  • Location : Rockridge Hollow, southern part of Algoroc (Coordinates 3515, -3316)
  • Level 11 Rock Elemental with 1 400 000 HP
  • Killing Kraggar the Earth-Render grants the title “The Rock Climber” & the “Crushing Kraggar” achievement
  • Kraggar the Earth-Render World Boss Guide

King Honeygrave

WildStar World Boss King Honeygrave

  • Location : Northeastern corner of Auroria (Coordinates -768, -2239)
  • Level 19 Bee with 2 500 000 HP
  • Killing King Honeygrave grants the title “King Slayer” & the “Hail to the Honey King” achievement
  • This World Boss keeps reseting a lot while fighting

Doomthorn the Ancient

WildStar World Boss Doomthorn The Ancient Galeras

  • Location : West of Skywatch Outpost in Galeras (Coordinates 6248, -2474)
  • Level 22 Stemdragon with 2 900 000 HP
  • Killing Doomthorn the Ancient grants the title “Doomfeller” & the “Doom go Boom” achievement
  • Doomthorn the Ancient World Boss Guide

Metal Maw Prime

WildStar World Boss Metal Maw Prime

  • Location : Augment Facility X426 in Whitevale (Coordinates 1976, 370) [Click for Map]
  • Level 30 Augmented Thing with 4 150 000 HP
  • Killing Metal Maw Prime grants the “Heavy Metal Maw” achievement but no title

Defensive Protocol Unit

WildStar World Boss Defensive Protocol Unit in Farside

  • Location : Fatalis Field in Farside (Coordinates 3756, -5818) [Click for Map]
  • Level 37 Augmented Stemdragon with 4 750 000 HP
  • Killing the Defensive Protocol Unit grants the title “The Defiant” & the “There is No Moon…” achievement
  • Kill Video on Youtube


WildStar World Boss Zoetic Wilderrun

  • Location : The Silent Clearing in Wilderrun (Coordinates 1079, -3604) [Click for Map]
  • Level 40 Nature Elemental with 5 760 000 HP
  • Killing Zoetic does not grant a title
  • Zoetic is part of the “Forgotten Trial of Tresayne” public event, try to kill Primal Sacrifices to spawn Zoetic

Hellrose Bowl Event

WildStar World Boss Hellrose Bowl Malgrave

  • Location : The Hellrose Bowl in Malgrave (Coordinates 1328, 2354) [Click for Map]
  • During the fight, you will face three World Bosses, each one will count for one World Boss for the quest
    • Pyre Everflame : Level 45 with 6 350 000 HP
    • Makeshift Merfee : Level 45 with 6 320 000 HP
    • Moltan : Level 45 with 6 350 000 HP
  • Killing Pyre Everflame, Makeshift Merfee & Moltan grants the title “The Unburnable” & the “Unburnable” achievement

Containment R-12

WildStar World Boss Containment_R-12 Malgrave

  • Location : Containment R-12 in Malgrave (Coordinates 1790, 2074) [Click for Map]
  • One random boss between :
    • Subject Y
    • Subject H
    • Shattered Leviathan
    • Disgraced Champion
    • Infernal Cleric
  • Killing these World Bosses does not grant a title but complete the achievement “I Like It Rare : Containment R-12

Aggregor the Dust Eater

WildStar World Boss Aggregor the Dust Eater

  • Even if Aggregor the Dust Eater is a 5 players boss, he counts as a World Boss
  • Location : Aggregor’s Gulch in Crimson Badlands (Coordinates -22330, -27583) [Click for Map]
  • Level 50 Gronyx with 422 000 HP
  • Killing Aggregor the Dust Eater grant the achievement “Kicking Up The Dust Eater
  • There will be an public event saying “Aggregor is reforming …” ten minutes before he spawns.
  • Aggregor the Dust Eater World Boss Guide



  • Location : Scorchwing Landing in Blighthaven (Coordinates 2310, -6811)
  • Level 50 Phoenix with 18 900 00 HP
  • Killing Scorchwing grants the title “Gut Gouger” & the “Scorchwing” achievement
  • Scorchwing respawn is 60-120 minutes

Picture for King Honeygrave taken from wildstaronline.wikia.com