WildStar Drop #5 : Contracts

Hi everyone!
Joe Piepora from Carbine Studios here to talk to you about contracts - an exciting new WildStar feature coming up in the INVASION: Nexus update.

The contracts system is just one of the many additions designed to deliver on Product Director Mike Donatelli’s promise of an even more fun, less grindy WildStar. Contracts are bite-sized, repeatable elder-game (i.e., level-50) content that can be completed in a relatively short time as you work towards obtaining excellent loot. Contracts may be picked up at contract boards in each capital city. The contracts system enables players to make steady progress towards powerful gear and gives them even more reasons to stay and play on Nexus.

Every day, players will see five new contracts and can choose three at a time. (PvP and PvE contracts count separately, so you can have three PvP contracts and three PvE Contracts at once.) PvE contracts might involve killing specific types of enemies, such as Moodies or Skeech anywhere on Nexus, obtaining a certain number of multi-kills, completing a round of specific challenges, or running content like veteran adventures. PvP contracts could simply require the player to finish any battleground, capture a certain number of masks in Walatiki Temple, win Rated Arena matches, and many other possibilities. Players receive different rewards in PvE and PvP, so switch up your play style if you want to get all the rewards contracts have to offer!


WildStar Drop #5 Contracts Interface_01

WildStar Drop #5 Contracts Interface

Contracts come in three levels of difficulty. Level 1 contracts are relatively simple, and every day you can complete as many of them as you like. Level 2 and Level 3 contracts are more challenging and may only be completed once each day. Completing contracts provides progress on the contracts reward track, and higher level contracts reward significantly greater progress.

When a player completes a contract, they’ll receive in-game gold, a loot bag that could contain rewards such as Glory, Prestige or gear, and contract reward points. These points accumulate as players complete contracts - and at certain milestone point totals players can get bonus rewards. The only hard part is choosing which reward to pick! Do you want that crazy-looking shoulder piece or will you take a chance on a mystery box that might contain a badass mount or vanity pet? The bigger the milestone, the greater potential there is for better rewards. When you fill a particular reward track, it will reset, giving you different reward points each time.



WildStar Drop #5 Contracts Interface

As you can tell, we’re excited about contracts. They’re a different way of providing daily objectives and cool new rewards to players - because this ain’t about arbitrary treadmills, folks. This is WildStar!

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