9/11/2014 Update Notes


  • Massive updates to the Genesis Key Attunement process !
  • Massive updates to the accessibility of AMP Power Upgrades and Ability Tier Points !
  • The Savage Warpig has been given an expresso shot for a much needed boost of energy !
  • Lots and lots of Dungeon and Raid improvements!


  • In preparation for Megaservers, we’ve adjusted terminology used to denote the current realm activity level.
  • Trial accounts attempting to redeem CREDD on a lapsed account will receive a ‘waiting for confirmation’ alert while the servers handle the request.
  • Fixed a case where drawing weapon effects from a loading player unit could cause the user’s PC to stutter for a second.
  • Fixed a number of causes for server crashes.


  • The Savage Warpig mount now runs at the intended speed, matching that of the Luminous Equivar mount.


  • Fixed a bug that affected vehicle action bar shortcut keys when the pet action bar was also active.
  • Resolved a cooldown issue with a few channeled spells.

AMPs General

  • AMP Power Upgrades and Ability Tier Point Unlocks are now more likely to drop from creature kills and PvP bags.
  • Single-Use AMP Power and Ability Tier Point unlock items have been added to the PvP consumables vendors.
  • Single-use AMP Upgrade Points have been made available on cap-level reputation vendors in the Northern Wastes, Crimson Isle, and Malgrave.
  • Single-use Ability Tier Unlock Points have been made available on the-cap level reputation vendors in Blighthaven.
  • Completing Veteran Stormtalon’s Lair or Veteran Kel Voreth and earning a gold medal will now each reward a Single-use AMP Upgrade.
  • Completing Veteran Skullcano or Veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden and earning a gold medal will now each reward a Single-use Ability Tier Unlock.
  • Added Single-use AMP Power and Ability Tier Point Unlock items to Path rewards at levels 15 and 30, respectively. These rewards can also be purchased from the Path reward vendors in capital cities for players who have already surpassed these path level thresholds.



  • Telekinetic Storm : Will no longer persist if an enemy is killed with it on them.



  • Gamma Rays
    • Gamma Rays T4+ will now use Rapid Tap mechanics. This resolves a timing bug with T4 casting.
    • Buff icons no longer display denoting the current cast time as the Rapid Tap UI addresses this need itself.
    • There is now an 8-second limit to cast all 3 beams before cast time is reset.



  • Spatial Shift : Key NPCS, such as vendors, are now immune to the effects of Spatial Shift.


  • Adjusted the way Healing Efficiency is calculated for PvP Instances – base value at 0 PvP Power is now ~61.5%, up from 52.75%.
  • Adjusted the 2v2 Arena Healing debuff to 30%, up from 25%.
  • Adjusted the PvP damage formula to decrease the amount of damage dealt in PvP.


  • The Arena spell, “The Audience Disapproves” (used when a character is stealthed for more than 2 minutes) will now block stealth from being reactivated while the spell timer is active.
  • Made another adjustment so that Spellslinger’s Spatial Shift cannot be cast on targets inside an enemy’s spawn area of the arenas ‘Halls of the Bloodsworn’ and ‘Daggerstone Pass’.

Daggerstone Pass

  • Capturing uplinks will now give rewards after activation.
  • Addressed an exploit with players jumping spawn ledges.


We will add Achievements and Titles for players who complete the Veteran Dungeon runs on Silver or Gold difficulty since we are making the Bronze requirements simpler for the Dungeon portion of Attunement. This will come online with a future patch that will include functionality for achievements to check for prior completion of certain content like Quests, Achievements, or Challenges.

Genesis Key Attunement

  • The Silver Screening is no more. Make way for The Bronze Age !
  • The dungeon medal requirement for raid attunement has been lowered from silver to bronze.
  • Achievements will now be used for backup in case progress is missed or lost on the veteran dungeons.
  • Reduced the amount of Primal Patterns required for the Datascape Attunement; this has been adjusted to 100, from 300.
  • The ‘Monster Hunter’ Attunement step has been updated. This quest will now track when you kill one of these creatures or if you already have the achievement for defeating them. Note that this quest checks a possible 18 targets and advances when you have defeated 12 of the 18 creatures.
    • The following World Bosses were already tracked by an achievement and should advance if you have killed them and earned the achievement: Doomthorn the Ancient, Grendelus the Guardian, Hoarding Stemdragon, King Honeygrave, Kraggar the Earthrender, Metal Maw, Metal Maw Prime, and Zoetic.
    • These Pocket Cap World Bosses were not previously tracked by achievements and won’t advance your quest if you’ve killed them before starting ‘Monster Hunter’. New achievements have been created to track their progress going forward: Aggregor the Dust Eater, Disgraced Champion, Infernal Cleric, Shattered Leviathan, Subject H - Goliath, and Subject Y - Titan.
    • The Hellrose Bowl achievement tracked all 3 World Bosses together. If you killed all 3 and earned the Unburnable achievement, your Monster Hunting quest will register all 3 kills. We have created separate achievements for each creature going forward.
    • During Mechsuit Assault, the Caretaker will now be located in front of the player should the communicator call be missed, ensuring the quest is no longer missed.
  • Rallying should now work as intended within instanced levels

For more information check the complete list of WildStar World Boss for the Genesis Key attunement quest.



  • Adjusted several aspects of the encounter, including :
    • Reduced Scorchwing’s health.
    • Scorchwing can now be damaged during the Molten Phase.
    • Scorchwing will no longer regenerate health during the Hatching Phase.

Crimson Badlands

  • Quest ‘Intruder’s Demise’ will now update when entering Exo-Lab 22.


  • The Defensive Protocol Unit will no longer despawn one minute after it spawns.
  • The achievement “There is No Moon,” will now be awarded when the player is rewarded for their successful completion of the ‘Defensive Protocol Unit’ event.


  • ‘Trooper Vog’ can now be activated for the quest, ‘Hold the Line.’


  • The Hellroses for the challenge “Every Hellrose has its thorn” can now be activated even after another player interacts with them.
  • In the Hellrose Bowl, the final round of Moodies the player faces will now spawn all 4 of the remaining units needed to complete that objective.


  • The final holoprojector for the quest ‘Into the Botcave!’ has undergone maintenance. Avra Darkos’ transmission should no longer be interrupted if you leave the area. Thank you for choosing Protostar brand repair bots for all your holoprojector repairs.

Dungeons & Adventures

War of the Wilds

  • Updated the locations of a few control points to improve AI performance.

The Ruins of Kel Voreth

  • Forgemaster Trogun should no longer sporadically cast ‘Exanite Shards’ from the forge during ‘Forgemaster’s Call’.

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

Deadringer Shallaos

  • Should once again correctly aggro players after a reset.


Genetic Archives

Phagetech Prototypes

  • Fixed an edge case where loot would not be properly awarded.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Polarized Phase Presence buff from applying to players sent to the Phase realm.

Phage Maw

  • Should no longer become permanently invulnerable if players fail to interrupt the Aerial Bombardment phase.

Kuralak the Defiler

  • Added a brief delay to her becoming interruptible to prevent exploits. Also adjusted the time before she appears to match the delay.
  • Fixed a few cases of overlapping VO.


Added the ‘Data Drifter’ mount reward.


  • His health value should no longer exhibit unintended behavior when attempting to damage him past his Corruption Shield value.
  • Logic Essence maximum health increased to 1.7m, up from 660k.
  • Gloomclaw’s minions now deal additional damage to the Logic Essences to compensate for the increased health pools.
  • Added a failsafe to help prevent Gloomclaw’s minions from remaining in combat with a logic essence after the raid wipes.
  • Telegraphs for Manifest Fear, Corruption Pool, and Blinding Fear should now display as dangerous during cast.
  • Corrupted Fraz interrupt armor increased to 2, up from 1, but should no longer regenerate interrupt armor at unexpected intervals.
  • Adjusted spawning pool placement in the final section of the room to prevent overcrowding of the area around Gloomclaw.
  • Rupture no longer displays a telegraph when casting. This should prevent the obfuscation of other important telegraphs during the Rupture cast.
  • Added additional high contrast VFX to call out the location of the Blinding Fear telegraphs.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Gloomclaw to have more than 6 stacks of Grim Implacability.
  • Concentrated Essence
    • New Mechanic ! Killing Gloomclaw’s minions will cause pools of Concentrated Essence to appear for a brief time. These pools greatly increase healing abilities.
  • Gloomclaw Skurge
    • Interrupting Strain Slap should now cause a Moment of Opportunity.
    • Players should now be able to decrement interrupt armor and apply crowd control effects to the Gloomclaw Skurge minions.

System Daemons

  • Memory Wipe threat reset is now more reliable.
  • Enhancement Module phase now pauses the lower room spawning when the Daemons start pathing, instead of when they reach their location.
  • Invalidate telegraph now uses a line fill and is no longer rotated.
  • Purge telegraph opacity slightly decreased.
  • Meltdown telegraph opacity drastically decreased
  • Laser telegraph opacity slightly decreased.

Contemplations on Perspective

  • When a generator is fully charged, all Skeledroids near that generator will be destroyed.
  • Players should no longer randomly die after the cinematics when teleporting between room sections.
  • Savage Ursine Skeledroids are now immune to hold. This should prevent unintended behavior with spell interruption.
  • Brutal Skeledroid Slash telegraph size and facing adjusted, should be slightly more forgiving for melee classes.
  • Most creature telegraphs now exclude pets as valid targets. You killed Arty, you monster!
  • Removed the Savage Ursine Skeledroid that spawns under the Augmented Herald of Avatus.
  • Adjusted spawn locations of several static Savage Ursine Skeledroids to move them off the primary path.
  • Activated Holo-crypts for second and third platforms.
  • Abstract Augmentation Algorithm
    • Data Deconstruction can no longer be deflected and now penetrates 100% armor. Damage reduced by ~38% to account for these changes.

Obsidian Wastes

  • Blazing Firesouls will now be properly MoO’d if they are interrupted during Delirious Assault.
  • Grand Warmonger Tar’gresh
    • Pulverize no longer crits, but cannot be deflected.
    • Meteor damage no longer has variance.
    • Should be less likely to reset if the tank is hit by Pulverize.
    • Tar’gresh will no longer cast Meteor while there is a protection bubble present.
    • The frequency and timing of Tar’gresh’s abilities has been adjusted.
    • The teleporter up to Grand Warmonger Tar’gresh no longer functions while the player is in combat.
  • Warmonger Talarii
    • Incineration and Hazardous Fires will no longer occur back to back.

Glacial Fortress

  • Frostbringer Warlock
    • Glaciate can no longer be affected by CCs and movement abilities.
    • Exploding Ice now deals significantly more damage.
    • Exploding Ice now covers the entire platform.
    • Exploding Ice will now cast more than just once per fight (whoops!).
    • After Exploding Ice is cast, the tank will have a brief window before he begins auto-attacking again.
    • Frost Waves will now spawn much more quickly during the burndown phase, but Exploding Ice is disabled. Additionally, the knockback from the Warlock now only occurs at the back edge of the platform (instead of being attached to the Warlock).

Volatility Lattice

  • Super Jump now gets removed if the player leaves the room.

Paths, Tradseskills & UI

Characters with path abilities reset to base tier should now have the tier auto-adjusted to the correct value.


  • Translocate Beacon now works with Hold to Continue Casting at all tiers, not just base tier.


  • Fixed issues with usage of Settler’s Campfire in Dungeons and Raids. The campfire will no longer generate massive amounts of threat for players activating it.
  • Grimvault
    • A specific Construction Gear was removed due to exploitation.


  • Galeras
    • Fixed an issue in “Demolition: Explosive Assault” where the Demo target was not able to be exploded for some players who disconnected during the mission.


  • Osun Foundry FABkit schematic now works as intended.

User Interface

  • Units without a relevant difficulty no longer show a difficulty in the Unit Tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mount Customization button on the Interface Menu List wouldn’t launch the window correctly.
  • Quest Episodes in the tracker will now properly minimize and maximize between calls of /reloadui.


  • Fixed an issue where the Tier 6 Festival plug would sometimes not drop any food, but also reduced the amount of food dropped.


  • Fixed an issue with certain world prop art assets.

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