WildStar Warplots Future Changes

Kevin Lee the Lead PvP Designer at Carbine Studios (@DevMuffinMan on Twitter) has made a post about future changes for Warplots.
Unfortunately these changes are currently in development and are targeted for drop 4/5

Warplots revisions are currently in the works to revise both gameplay and queuing requirements.

Warplot Size and Queuing

- Reducing team size requirements to 30.
- More queuing options for warplots. Players who are already a part of a Warparty will be able to queue as Mercs.
- Mercenary only matches will be available (for example, if there are no warparties queued and 60 Mercs are queued, a merc only match will start).

Game Play Updates

The game play is being revised and will introduce the concept of Nano-Pak linking and Plug Gating.
Warplot entrances will now be blocked by force fields and Nano-Pak linking will be required to enter the enemy warplot. Once three connecting Nano-Pak nodes are captured, barriers blocking entry into the enemy warplot will be removed.

Plug gating will prevent enemies from moving deeper into the enemy’s warplot until the plug structure unit is destroyed.
The flow for gaining access to the enemy generators will be as follows :
Create a Nano-Pak link to gain access to both small warplot plugs of the enemy Warplot -> Destroy the small plug to gain access to the large plug -> Destroy the large plug to gain access to the generator

New Plugs

New large plugs will be available that will provide plug counter play options.

  • Demolition Charge – This is a bomb that can be used on the plug structure units and generators to do large amounts of damage.
  • Plug Bypass Tool – This can be applied to plug structure units to temporarily disable their benefits and bring down the force field blocking access to the next plug/generator.
  • Sap Field – This can be planted on a structure unit or generator to do damage over time until it is disabled by the defending team.

These changes are currently in development and are targeted for drop 4/5

— Source on WildStar Online

Sounds great, but far in the future :/