Wildstar through a girl’s eyes

When Elijaa asked my impressions about that all new MMO I started to compare it to other MMOs I played at. So I decided to talk about Wildstar in its different aspects and compared to other MMOs trying not to spoil you too much.

Wildstar’s global skin

Wildstar is a cartoon like MMO. As it looks a bit like World of Warcraft (WOW), textures are really more beautiful and fine, more like in Guild War 2. It’ll offer a great color palette and a variety of ambiances and landscapes as you’re traveling through the map. I personally have a little preference for Orin’s worlds. In every landscapes you’ll find many details what’s rather rare in other MMOs.


Wildstar’s characters

As in all MMOs, you have to choose the race, the sex and the class of your character. Then you get to choose his physical aspect. In Wildstar you can personalize your character choosing a face like in WOW or Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR). What’s new is that after choosing a face type you can modify it playing on nose, mouth and eyes shapes and sizes. This system is close to the Guild War 2 (GW2)’s character customization system. It offers you many possibilities and a chance to have a unique character. The way characters move is also pretty cool and really much more fluid than in other MMO I played to.

Wildstar’s gameplay

If you want to know more about the different classes of Wildstar I’ll let you go to the official website (http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/) which explains really clearly each gameplay. A big particularity of Wildstar is the telegraph system. Every spell in Wildstar is a zone spell and if you can target an NPC or a player, you can’t touch it unless it’s in your telegraph area. As it’s really new, it adds a difficulty compared to other MMOs because you’re always trying to plan your enemies’ moves.


Wildstar’s leveling

Leveling in Wildstar is a long journey. During beta tests I played for 18 hours just reaching level 15 (pvp and crafting included). It reminded me leveling on GW2 but in GW2 high level was really deceiving for me and I think that it’ll not be the same for Wildstar high level contents. Leveling, you’ll have a large choice of quests, dungeons, shiphands, craft or pvp. Quests of Wildstar are a bit like in WOW which is for me a good point because wow’s quests were the best I experienced in my gamer life. I’ll just regret a bit the lack of humor in some of Wildstar’s quests.


Wildstar’s housing

Some MMOs presented housing system: Lord of The Ring Online (LOTRO), spaceships of SWTOR… But housing in Wildstar is pretty amazing compared to them. Reaching level 14 you have the possibility to own a house. It’ll include a big garden in which you can place different tools like crafting area, mini-games or just decorating areas. From your house to your sky, everything is customizable what I, as a sims player, really enjoyed!





Wildstar’s PVP

I couldn’t experience much pvp during beta tests but during the time I spent in it I was able to compare it to other MMOs’ pvp. I think that Wildstar’s pvp is pretty much like SWTOR’s pvp, which is fun, but not my favorite. I felt some imbalance between the different classes due to their ability or inability to move while casting. For example, I played Esper and this class can’t cast more than one our two spells while moving, which is really hard in pvp due to the telegraph system: while you’re casting your enemy’s moving and your telegraph is eventually ineffective. I won’t say more about pvp at this point of my experience.


To conclude I think that Wildstar combines GW2 skin qualities to a whole new type of gameplay and deserves to be tried! If I had to describe Wildstar in two words I’ll choose details and customization. Hope it’ll help, have fun!