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What is Crowfall ?

Action combat and physic engine

Crowfall will be an action-combat focused without tab targeting, and will feature an interesting physic engine that implies a number of interesting side effects that you probably aren’t used to (Players being unable to move through each other, projectiles hitting accidental targets, etc.).

No trinity system

Crowfall will have characters that are more offensive, characters that are more defensive and characters with support powers.
But they will make the game purposefully light on in-combat healing, to make it more deadly.

No PvE Dungeons or Raids

Crowfall is a game about territorial conquest and a player-driven economy not PvE raids.
There will be powerful bosses, but not in dungeons.

Crowfall will be a unusual game with campaign and maps reset, find more details here.


Crowfall Beta Access

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Keep in mind that Crowfall is in early alpha stage, the beta won’t occur in a near future.

Crowfall City Siege Concept