New Costumes & Dyes on the PTR

Reddit user TheArkship has posted some pictures of new costumes found on the PTR.
Some of them will be available during the Halloween Event while others will probably be available for Drop #3.

Halloween Event Costumes

WildStar Shades Eve The Angel Costumes

Shades Eve : The Angel Costume

WildStar Shades Eve Jack Shade

Shades Eve : Jack Shade Costume

Note that ‘Shades Eve : The Angel‘ costume comes with blond hair.

New Dungeon « The Ultimate Protogames » Costumes

WildStar Protogames Hud Hud Costume

Protogames HUD HUD Costume

« The Ultimate Protogame » is a new dungeon that will be released after drop #3.

Prestige Vendor Costumes

WildStar Black Hood Costume

Black Hood Costume

WildStar The EYE Costume

The EYE Costume

The Black Hood costume is Exile only while The EYE costume is Dominion only.
Both will be purchasable from the prestige vendor for 4500-5000 prestige for the entire set.
Update : Check the Black Hood costume on Youtube.

Unknown Source Costumes

WildStar Roon Wrangler Costume

Roon Wrangler Costume

WildStar Fancy Outfit Costume

Fancy Outfit Costume

New Dyes

Three new dyes will also be available with the Halloween event :

  • Shades Eve Purple
  • Shades Eve Orange
  • Shades Eve Black

Source : Reddit