Kel Voreth Underforge Expedition Guide


After the events in the Ruins of Kel Voreth and the defeat of Forgemaster Trogun, Osun Steelshapers, leaded by Karg the Overseer, begin to relight the forges again.

Kel Voreth Underforge Expedition is a small, scalable dungeon for 1 to 5 players of level 20 or more.
It is available for both factions, Exile and Dominion.

Location & Unlock

You need a Kel Voreth Underforge FABKit dropped by Forgemaster Trogun in the Ruins of Kel Voreth dungeon.
Or, you can visit someone’s house that has installed the FABKit in one of his plots.

Kel Voreth Underforge Expedition Tasks & Mechanisms

You must complete all these tasks within 20 minutes, the timer starts as soon as you enter the expedition.
You will also be given a hammer that upon use will make you jump and stun your target.

First Part : Cleaning the dungeon

  • Destroy the Osun Steelshapers throughout the Kel Voreth Underforge.
  • Collect the hidden Living Fire Essences throughout the Kel Voreth Underforge.

Nothing really complicated here, use the hammer to access some of the Living Fire Essences.

Second Part : Karg the Overseer

  • Slay Karg the Overseer deep within the Kel Voreth Underforge.

Karg is an pretty hard boss, he has got a lot of snares that do damage. Check the video for Karg the Overseer kill and fight explanations.

Third Part : Destroy the forge & run for your life

  • Rig the Explosive Barrels with bombs to destroy Karg’s Forge.
  • Escape from Kel Voreth Underforge before lava floods the tunnels.

You only have 30 seconds to rig the explosive barrels, again use the hammer to access higher ones.
Escape is pretty straight forward, the only tricky part is the lava on the ground in the bigger room, take the left path to avoid being slowed and taking damage.

Kel Voreth Underforge Expedition Walkthrough : Tasks & Karg the Overseer

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