“Doing Things The Hard Way” Challenge Guide

“Doing Things The Hard Way” Challenge

This puzzle jump challenge require you to reach the Terraformer platform in Whitevale without using a Jetpack.
For gold medal, you have to complete the objective in less than 3:30.

This small guide will show you how to obtain a gold medal in less than two minutes.
There are many ways possible, this one is one of the quickest I think.

Whitevale “Doing Things The Hard Way” Challenge : Gold Medal Walkthrough


  • Chest of Crafting Components
  • Super Weapon Test Zone FABkit
  • Wood-Handled Butcher’s Knife
  • Sadistic Irradiated Electrodes
  • Thrembling Amplifier
  • Satchel of Scavenged Supplies
  • Sadistic Irradiated Talons
  • Sadistic Irradiated Psystorm
  • Sadistic Irradiated Cannon

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