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Feel The Strain ! Hotfix 7/04/2014

  • Players can no longer get exceed the 800 decor limit when adding new decor to their Housing Crate.
  • Adventures: The Siege of Tempest Refuge: Fixed an issue that caused the instance to not load creatures and events properly.
  • (PvP) Improved matching for Rated Battlegrounds and Rated Arenas by increasing the amount of rating points per search interval and by increasing the max spread of rating used. This means roughly, that players should see an overall decrease in queue times when attempting to match players/teams of disparate ratings.
  • (PvP) Improved matching for Practice Battlegrounds by increasing the max spread of gearscores used. This is to resolve issues where higher gear scored players were unable to be matched due to the gear scores of other players in the queue.
  • Fixed issue where removing CPU0 from processor affinity mask would improve performance. Added an optional “-processor #” command line option, if you want to set which processor the main thread is ideally scheduled on. By default, it will have no preference. This bug fix was identified when looking at AMD CPU performance concerns.
  • Blighthaven – The Elyona the Mad encounter has been temporarily reworked so it functions more reliably. As a result of these changes, the achievement “Mad Skill” is temporarily unavailable.
  • The panel for “A Brief Welcome” in Northern Wastes should no longer get stuck in a unusable state.
  • Elonya the Mad and Sentinel of the Swamp in Blighthaven have had their tagging issues resolved. More than one player/group can receive kill credit for them in the same encounter.
  • Eldan test subjects will now reliably respawn in Northern Wastes.
  • Blighthaven -Quest credit should be easier to obtain when Scorchwing is killed on the daily quest ‘Scorched Wings’.
  • Blighthaven – The Fiendish Flyer item imbuement quest should now be easier to earn credit when you kill Scorchwing.
  • The Terminus Complex : Fixed an issue where Xarophet could become stuck, blocking progression.